Jackie McNamara

Jackie McNamara Director of Wellness Strategies On the Clock: Jackie is an experienced director with a demonstrated history of successfully implementing, rolling out and servicing total wellbeing programs in a variety of industries, bringing over 15 years of experience to WellnessIQ. Jackie began her career working under Dr. Michael Roizen, the Chief Wellness Officer

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Beth Lestock

Beth Lestock Finance & Human Resource Manager On the Clock: Beth joined Wellness IQ in April 2020 as the Finance and Human Resource Manager and brings over 25 years of experience to the organization. Her most recent role in the Senior Living space, allowed her to work on a variety of projects in

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Rob Jordan

Rob Jordan Senior Sales Account Executive On the Clock: Rob has been in the wellness industry for over 15 years. Starting in an HR Management role, he learned how to administer a wellness program. Moving into a Consulting role for an insurance broker, Rob learned of many solutions available in the marketplace. In

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Joseph Lane

Joseph Lane Senior Sales Account Executive On the Clock: Joey joined the team at WellnessIQ in August of 2019. He graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. Joey is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Walden University. He realized the importance that health

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Bree Leyer

Bree Leyer Senior Sales Account Executive On the Clock: Bree joined WellnessIQ in 2020 as a Senior Sales Account Executive in the southeast territory. Prior to joining the team, Bree worked for a number of years for a small broker in Pittsburgh, PA as the Director of Health and Productivity implementing and managing

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