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Beth Lestock

Finance & Human Resource Manager

On the Clock

Beth joined Wellness IQ in April 2020 as the Finance and Human Resource Manager and brings over 25 years of experience to the organization. Her most recent role in the Senior Living space, allowed her to work on a variety of projects in both the HR and Finance areas. She has passion and experience leading Wellness Teams in an effort to help employees become healthier and make positive changes in their wellness journeys. She enjoys working on a variety of initiatives, especially budgeting, financial statements, payroll taxes, treasury functions, stock options, sustainability, recruiting, general ledger and payroll, to name a few.

As a lifetime Ohioan, she graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor degree in Accounting. She also has a certificate in Appreciative Inquiry from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

Off the Clock

Beth has been married to her high school sweetheart, Tim for 35 years! They have 3 children – Allie, Tyler and Ryan – who all live in the Cleveland area. She enjoys traveling with her family and friends to OBX each summer to enjoy a week on the beach. The Bahamas and Aruba are also favorite vacation spots. She enjoys shelling and water sports, especially snorkeling. NYC and Broadway are also favorite getaway spots. They have a camper near the Kinzua recreational area in Pennsylvania that they enjoy on weekends with their children and pets. Grandchildren are the only important unachieved goal!

Fun Fact/Unique Skill:

Beth ran the Erie (PA) ½ Marathon a few years ago. It is one and only ½ Marathon she will do!

Favorite Recipe:

Breakfast burritos! This recipe provides an easy breakfast that you can adapt to whatever your family likes to eat. The original recipe contained hash browns, which I no longer add. I simply wrap each one in foil and place them in a freezer bag. Take one out of the freezer before you go to bed and put it in the refrigerator. Just heat it in the microwave for a quick, satisfying breakfast in the morning. Great for camping too!

Healthy Recipe

Healthy White Chicken Chili


  • 16 Eggs
  • 30 Tortillas – I use ½ flour and ½ Whole Wheat
  • 1 Bob Evans Spicy Sausage tube
  • 1 Bob Evans Regular Sausage tube
  • 16 oz grated Cheddar (Or whatever cheese you like)
  • 2 – 3 peppers
  • 1 Large Onion
  • 1 Bag shredded hash browns

    *Any veggies you like can also be added



  1. In a large skillet over medium heat, cook sausage. Drain on a paper towel-lined plate.  Cook hash browns according to package directions and transfer to a plate. Fry your peppers and onion and any other veggies that you have until tender.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk eggs. Spray with Pam, place over medium heat, and add beaten eggs. Using a rubber spatula, stir every occasionally until soft curds form. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Assemble burritos: In the center of each tortilla, layer hash browns, scrambled eggs, cheese, peppers & onions, and sausage. Fold in the two sides and roll up tightly. Serve with hot sauce and salsa.