Wellness is a by-product of a series of activities

Impact Health has delivered onsite biometrics and wellness services for more than 27 years. Due to a strong foundation in laboratory medicine, Impact Health enjoys a reputation earned through years of dedication to accuracy and precision.

The employer is leading the fight to lower healthcare costs and has identified the individual employee as the pivotal agent of change. With the support of the employer, the focus is on lifestyle modification and benefit strategies. Impact Health has provided services to several of the nation’s largest employers. However, the same focus on quality biometrics is delivered at local and regional companies.

Our quality screening services focus on fundamentals. The true value of the Impact Health Biometric Screen is seen in client satisfaction. In 2014, Impact Health collected surveys from 100,000 program participants. On a scale of 1-4, the average score exceeded 3.98. Program management and our networks of experienced Team Leaders are the difference between Impact Health and other providers.

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WellnessIQ will help you implement a successful wellness program that is an investment in your most important assets – your employees. Our wellness program leaves your employees feeling good about their health, their job and their employer.

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