This life-changing wellness immersion workshop and online course reinforces employee health and wellbeing during various stages of life. The program focuses on the company’s most valuable asset, the employees, and helps organizations fuel higher performance as individuals design a future of purposeful, happy living. With a focus on both the mind and body, this energy management course comes to life through 6 modules:

  1. Have purpose
    Participants learn the importance of having and understanding purpose, values and bringing best self to all areas of life for full engagement.
  2. Move
    Regular movement is critical for managing energy, and can help increase energy whereas non-movement decreases energy. This module helps participants learn how, when and how much to move to better manage their physical energy levels. The critical point is not just to move, but to move strategically to positively impact energy levels.
  3. Rest
    The amount of sleep is important, but even more impactful is understanding the circadian rhythm and how to ensure you are completing full sleep cycles throughout the night. This module focuses on the body’s recovery during sleep, and how to rest your body and mind throughout the day.
  4. Nourish
    Participants learn about the importance of nourishing the body for energy by focusing on nutrition. This module helps participants understand that eating for energy can affect mood, ability to think and concentrate, and connect to others.
  5. Be Present
    A growth mindset impacts energy, and the only way to a growth mindset is through brain training, or mindfulness. Being fully engaged in order to be most efficient with our energy results in better
    performance and a happier life.
  6. Self-Regulate
    Participants build awareness of different emotional states, and how each impacts energy and performance in their professional and personal lives. Understanding the impact of emotions and preventing low mental energy is crucial for complete engagement.