Wellbeats combines proprietary content and technology to create a personalized and engaging consumer experience. Wellbeats is a scaleable solution that allows your employees an opportunity to workout however they’d like, whenever they’d like and wherever they’d like.

Wellbeats Platform

Wellbeats Content and Programming

Participation Reports

Each month you’ll receive a report outlining the key metrics of your Wellbeats program and its engagement. With this data, you’ll have the insights you need to connect Wellbeats directly to your corporate wellness initiative’s key goals or align financial incentives with individual behavior.

Marketing Support

Our creative marketing team provides a variety of materials and resources available for your pre-launch, launch, and post-launch success. Resources include:

WellnessIQ Has
a Program For You

WellnessIQ will help you implement a successful wellness program that is an investment in your most important assets – your employees. Our wellness program leaves your employees feeling good about their health, their job and their employer.

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