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Dylan Pipkin

Senior Account Executive

On the Clock

Dylan is our Senior Account Executive representing the Western Region. After exploring careers in multiple industries, Dylan transferred to Western State Colorado University to finish his undergraduate degree. In 2018, he graduated with a double major in Business Administration & Environment and Sustainability. Since graduating, he has been a Project Manager for a supply company focusing on providing specialty material for highly technical water and wastewater treatment plants across the West coast.

While continuously working towards conquering his own injuries, he decided to make a career change to help promote and bring awareness of the importance of holistic wellness to others. Although he grew up being very active, Dylan has recently incorporated meaningful movement, mindfulness, and health to support his body and mind behind a desk. With his broad interests and industry knowledge, Dylan enjoys connecting, sharing, and assisting brokers and consultants to work towards viable solutions for all.

Off the Clock

Dylan has always been drawn to the outdoors and open spaces. He grew up in Northern California with the outdoors at his fingertips. You will find Dylan on weekend getaway or camp trips most of the summer and constantly reminiscing of snowboarding all winter long while living in Colorado. His adventures usually consist of finding a new campsite close to a trail to hike or bike followed by a dip in a body of water and a cold beverage by a campfire to stay hydrated. He believes that new experiences and travels broaden our perspectives.

Since moving to Portland, he has taken advantage of the many studios in the city, such as climbing gyms, yoga, and workout classes to burn off all the incredible food consumed. Dylan enjoys living simply, being content, and making an impact.

Fun Fact/Unique Skill:

Dylan spent 3 months farming around Ireland. This included sheering sheep on an island of 143 people, stoking wood burning hot tubs and sauna for a yoga retreat on the back side of the Cliffs of Moher, and having a pint or two of Guinness.