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Wellness Activities & Workouts

Whether you’re evolving to a virtual work environment, or want to provide live sessions available to employees at more than one location, we hope to serve as your one-stop-shop to live wellness events.

Live Workouts

Starting at $550 per class or $425 per session when purchasing a series. Each session is taught by a certified instructor provided by WellnessIQ or through a partner.

Back Bends

Boxing & Agility

Cardio Barre

Chair Yoga


Guided Stretching

HIIT workouts

Hip Hop

Mat Yoga


Tai Chi

Yoga * ~

Yoga Barre

Yoga for Desk Workers


Yoga Sculpt


Meditation * ~ #

* Available in Spanish
~ Available in Portuguese
# Available in French

Fun Wellness Activities

Starting at $550 per class or $425 when purchasing a series.

Bike Tune Up Workshop

Essential Oils 101

Family Friendly Healthy Cooking Demonstration (mother/daughter duo)

Financial Wellness

Healthy Cooking Demonstration *

Mindful Painting or Coloring

* Available in Spanish

Group of people exercising outside

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Webinars & Seminars

Behavior change begins with understanding the WHY
of wellbeing, and how it supports each employee
to become healthier and happier, ultimately creating
more meaningful time spent on the job.