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Leave your employees feeling good about their health, job, and employer

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Creating a Space

For our team and clients to feel heard, included, and valued

Enabling healthy, happy and engaged employees through customized strategic wellbeing solutions for companies of all sizes.

Well Being is a Business Strategy

WellnessIQ will help you implement a successful wellness program that’s an investment in your most important assets – your employees. We can demonstrate the impact this investment will have on your bottom line as productivity increases and insurance costs decrease. Our wellness program leaves your employees feeling good about their health, their job and their employer.

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Worksite Wellness that Works

WellnessIQ works with consultants, brokers and employers to implement complete workplace well-being programs.

Each Client's Path is Unique

Strategy & Partnership

An integrated portfolio of solutions includes a selection of nationally acclaimed wellness providers with the technology and account management needed to promote employee engagement and measurable results. The goals and structure of an employer are addressed to identify the best fit for each employer. We know each employer has a unique employee experience and a well-designed wellness program will be closely aligned with the culture and values of the organization.

Initial employer analysis

Employer, broker, consultant, and WellnessIQ collaboration

Establish desired outcomes

Introduce milestones

Incremental development

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Educate. Engage. Measure. Reward.

Next Level Account Management

A comprehensive strategy begins with the initial introduction of the wellness program and is reinforced through the utilization of a series of employee metrics, goals, rewards and incentives. The WellnessIQ Account Management team establishes a rapport with the customer to review and communicate the progress of the program by identifying developing trends and opportunities. Our mutual goal is to incrementally improve and advance the results of the program.

Workplace Well-being Made Easy

Activity Management, Assessments & Results

WellnessIQ provides a wellness solution aligned with the company goals and culture to promote an environment of employee engagement and measurable results, including regular engagement reporting and socially-driven challenges. The ongoing development of the solution is consistently measured and communicated with the employer to promote a results-oriented outcome.

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We partnered with Virgin Pulse/WellnessIQ three years ago for our corporate wellness program. We had offered a wellness program for a number of years before we found Virgin Pulse/WellnessIQ, but they were “check the box” programs. With Virgin Pulse/WellnessIQ our employees are engaged in the program, and really enjoy the social aspects it offers. They are able to interact with fellow employees across all of our locations. Our account manager is exceptional. She keeps us abreast of opportunities to enhance our program. We’re excited to partner with them this year for onsite biometrics. For the first time ever last year they helped us conduct a virtual health fair, and we’ve now made that an annual offering. We are very happy with Virgin Pulse/WellnessIQ!

Human Resources Business Partner Manager

in Communication Technology

We utilize the Vitality Program to encourage 90% participation in self-care for our staff. Our staff works tirelessly to take care of people in our communities. Having access to the Vitality Portal reminds our staff if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you be your best self. This starts with the VHR at the beginning of the year and we encourage our staff to visit the portal each month. Our Wellness IQ representative is very supportive in giving our champs team ideas for employee sponsored events to promote staff awareness of the different areas they may need to focus on throughout the year.

Vitality Employee Participant

of a Senior Living Organization

We were looking to implement a wellness platform but didn’t know where to start. After talking with a few companies, we knew WellnessIQ would be the best route for us. They helped us build our platform from the ground up and we have seen an increase in participation and success of the platform each year. Our account manager is always bringing us new ideas or products to help us succeed and we enjoy our monthly meetings so we can see what we can improve on and how we can better utilize our platform. WellnessIQ makes having a wellness platform easy to run and rewarding for not only our organization, but also for our employees.

Human Resources Manager

of a Farming Cooperative

Since our client has switched their wellness program to Virgin Pulse through WellnessIQ, they have seen a significant increase in engagement and employee satisfaction. As their broker, we are here to help our clients improve their bottom line. The increased engagement resulted in a very positive medical plan renewal. It’s also an added bonus when you can help them improve their employee’s health and excitement in the program.

Benefits Broker

of a Communication Technology Client

At first we were hesitant to implement a well-being platform and have been pleasantly surprised by the team at WellnessIQ. They have helped to make the platform come to life within our company culture and as a benefit to our employees. We love our account manager and enjoy our monthly strategy calls to work through how to drive utilization, engagement and fun.

Business Manager

of a School District

Our Wellness IQ account manager provides superior personalized customer service, she is attentive to our organizational needs, provides regular wellness metrics and our organization will continue to utilize the services offered by Wellness IQ.

VP of Human Resources

of a University

Wellness IQ/Virgin Pulse’s innovative wellness platform has provided wellness tools that have positively impacted the health of our employees by motivating our employees to make healthy behavioral changes which impacts the lives of our employees and our culture.

HR Generalist

of a University

WellnessIQ has guided our school district's employee wellness goals and shaped our wellness plan. More importantly, they have provided us continued support so that we can execute our plan. Our account manager is innovative and has delivered a great program to our staff.

Business Manager

of a School District

We have been very pleased with the team at WellnessIQ. They have helped to make the platform come to live within our district and as a benefit to our employees. Our account manager has been amazing and I enjoy our monthly strategic planning.

District Administrator

of a School District

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