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Strategic Growth Solutions

This audit is a 4-hour onsite visit with key stakeholders and department influencers in wellness, benefits, and employee culture. It will explore all aspects of a potential wellness program to be adopted or strengthened within the company, including identifying gaps that may be preventing a strong program.

This questionnaire is a virtual survey sent to all employees to obtain feedback on the current state and future of your organization’s wellness program. It helps build a foundation for creating a wellness operating plan and committee.

This life-changing wellness immersion workshop and online program reinforces your employee's health and wellbeing during various stages of life. We help organizations fuel higher performance as individuals design a future of purposeful, happy, healthy living.

Health fairs can facilitate early treatment of certain conditions and educate the population on available impactful resources. Moving your health fair to a virtual setting can create a scalable experience for all employees, providing immediate online resources to save, and offer behavior changing sessions.

Whether you’re evolving to a virtual work environment, or want to provide live sessions available to employees at more than one location, we hope to serve as your one-stop-shop to live wellness events.

Behavior change begins with understanding the WHY of wellbeing, and how it supports each employee to become healthier and happier, ultimately creating more meaningful time spent on the job.