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Health & Benefits Fairs

Focus: Employee Support and Population Health

 Location: Virtual via Custom Site

  Cost: Starts at $5,600 (Virtual) & $3,800 (Onsite)

Schedule: Up to a 3-Day Live Event

Virtual Health & Benefits Fairs

Moving your health fair to a virtual setting can create a scalable experience for all employees while planning one single event, provide employees with immediate online resources for benefit engagement, and offer behavior changing education and wellbeing sessions.

View this 3-minute demo video to learn more!


  • DIY $5,600 - We provide the tools and your team does the heavy lifting. Not recommended for new virtual health fair clients.
  • STANDARD $6,600 - WellnessIQ Coordinates with your vendors and our teams work collaboratively to create the finished product. 10-week lead time with weekly calls recommended.
  • COMPREHENSIVE $7,600 - WellnessIQ Coordinates all aspects of your event with minimal involvement from your team. Weekly team updates and access to real-time updates are provided.


  • Up to a 3-day live event with 30 days site access & continued engagement opportunities
  • Up to 12 live virtual events
  • Up to 10 vendor booths ($300 for each additional block of 10)
  • Custom mobile-friendly web link
  • Custom event registration form
  • Virtual lobby, functioning as a launchpad to various event sections
  • Vendor booths connecting your employees to their benefits including information sheets, videos, brochures, images, enrollment opportunities ($400 for 1-on-1 calendar scheduling)
  • Swag bag with up to 12 giveaways
  • Save-the-date marketing piece with early registration opportunities
  • Post-event reporting
    • Live event attendance
    • Registration reports
    • Engagement statistics
    • Vendor booth and general page metrics

Buy-Up Options: 

  • $400 - Live event provided by WellnessIQ (yoga, ergonomics, cooking demos, live workouts, mindful coloring, webinars)
  • $400 - Scheduling 1-on-1s with vendors
  • $2,000 - 11 additional months of your site live (12 months total)
  • $1,000 - Up to a 3-day challenge during the live event (self-reported only)
  • Site translation for additional languages - pricing based on language and content. Please inquire.
  • Pre-built booths
    • $1,500 - Ask the Dietitian
      • Booth video content library & 8 1-on-1s with a Dietitian
    • $1,500 - Health Coaching Booth
      • Booth content library & 8 1-on-1s with a Health Coach
    • $1,700 - Financial Wellness Booth
      • 3 Financial on-demand videos & 4 1-on-1s with certified financial trainer

Onsite Health & Benefits Fairs

Nothing replaces the personal engagement that comes with an onsite health and benefits fair. WellnessIQ provides full service coordination for your onsite event to ensure meaningful employee experiences with vendors and engaging wellbeing activities for a little bit of fun.


  • Full Coordination $3,800 - We fully coordinate your event beginning to end.
  • Day-of Presence $975 per day plus T&E - This resources supports onsite registration for the event, coordination of vendor locations and onsite giveaway selections and announcements.


  • Dedicated project manager
  • Informational event landing page, live for the duration of the event
    • Custom event registration form & Swag winner announcements
  • Coordination of up to 20 vendors
    • May include your own current vendor partners or local vendors you wish to engage with for onsite activities/education
  • Employee passport for tracking vendor visits
  • Post-event engagement report
  • Single save-the-date marketing piece

Buy-Up Options: 

  • $500 for each additional block of 20 vendors
  • Giveaways provided by WellnessIQ (at cost of the gifts)
  • Live education seminars (inquire for pricing)
  • Onsite massage - $175/hour/therapist (plus T&E where not locally available)
  • Onsite dietitian - $175/hour/dietitian plus T&E
  • Onsite health coach - $175/hour/dietitian plus T&E
  • Biometric screenings & flu shots (inquire for pricing)

Please note - many resources can provide more than one service so listed pricing may vary and even be discounted. Your project manager will help prepare your budget.

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