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You Are Your Best Asset

Written By: Allie Yasenchack, M.S. / Client Delivery Manager You may have heard the phrase “you need to invest in yourself,” but what does this really mean? Why take the time to invest in ourselves? The regular practice of self-care can have many rewarding benefits for our overall health and wellbeing. September is National Self-Care…

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National Wellness Month | Start Interval Training Now!

Written By: Tim Davis, Wellness Strategy Manager Interval training is a great form of exercise for all fitness levels. If there is unfamiliarity with what interval training is, it’s simply alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity. An example of interval training for a beginner may just start with a brisk walk…

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National Relaxation Day: Relaxation via Organization

Written By: Tiffany Hartman, Director of Operations Do you ever walk into your house and become anxious because your kitchen is piled with dishes and uneaten food, your kid’s toys are scattered throughout the living room (can anyone organize hot wheels?), bathroom towels on the floor, and beds unmade? Add in the feeling of a…

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Wellbeing as a Working Mom

Written by: Jackie McNamara, Director of Wellness Strategies My entire life I knew I wanted to be a mom. I was the little girl who had all the cabbage patch kids and baby dolls, who sat at the dinner table with us. In grade school I was a mommy’s helper to my younger cousins, in…

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Professional Wellness

Written by: Nicole Joliat, Implementation Project Manager What goes through your mind when you hear the term “professional wellness”? Do you envision a health coach? An athlete? A fitness trainer? The fact is when we are gainfully employed, sometimes our own wellness takes a back seat to work priorities. While employees can be dedicated and…

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Say Cheese!

Say Cheese

Cheese is a big part of American’s diet’s today, known for its versatility, you could find a way to add it into nearly any meal! But can we eat too much of it? Let’s discuss a few pro’s and con’s about cheese. Pros: Cheese contains protein, fat, and numerous vitamins and minerals, such as calcium,…

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