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Focus: Employee Support and Population Health

 Location: Virtual or In Person (yes, we can do both!)

Webinar/Virtual Event Cost: $550 for single; $425 each for multiple*

Seminar/Onsite Event Cost: $1500 plus travel and other expenses

Schedule: 45 minutes of content delivery and Q&A

*Cost listed above is a starting rate. Events may incur additional fees. Please read on for more information.


Behavior change begins with understanding the WHY of wellbeing, and how it supports each employee to become healthier and happier, ultimately creating more meaningful time spent on the job. Our custom content is developed by experts in a variety of answered, and delivered enthusiastically with the goal of changing lives for the better.

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Events Catalog

Financial Wellness*

*$1950 per session

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion*

*$2500 per one-hour session

Fitness & Exercise

Research shows mind-body exercise can help decrease anxiety and pain, enhance sleep, and empower participants, resulting in an increased sense of well-being. Join us to dive into these benefits and learn how to start incorporating this type of exercise into your routine.

Join us for an interactive experience, highlighting exercises that can be performed throughout your workday…right from your desk! We’ll review the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and share inclusive ways to add more movement into your day.

Beginning an exercise routine can be really difficult! Between misinformation online, intimidation and expectations it can be challenging to know where to begin. This session educates on the many benefits of exercise but puts the emphasis on how to get started. Participants will leave with a plan they can start right away.

Flexibility is one of the main pillars of physical fitness; however, it is often the most neglected. Increased flexibility and range of motion has been proven to decrease soreness and stiffness, but did you know stretching also improves our muscular strength, endurance, and reduces the risk of injury and even stress? This session explores the many benefits of stretching, and offers many sample exercises for participants to try. Each is aimed at improving posture and combating the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

When life gets busy, putting your health and fitness first will keep you operating on all cylinders. You aren’t destined to fall off the wagon just because life gets hectic! In this session we share our favorite ways to plan and prepare so you can feel your absolute best all year round.

In the healthiest communities around the world, people do not purchase gym memberships. Rather, they rely on everyday activity to keep moving and even break a sweat. In this session, participants will learn the risks of a sedentary lifestyle, how to find time to incorporate movement, why the most simple activity of walking is one of the most important, and how to rely on resources to make this activity more than just something that moves us from place to place.

Human Performance

The Blue Zones are the healthiest studied communities around the world, more recently also proven to be the happiest communities in the world. What are they doing that has their centenarians living as long as they do, independently? In this session, we discuss common healthy habits and how to start those today.

Our emotional energy defines not just the quantity, but the quality of that energy in our bodies. The way that we spend our energy is just as important as how we fuel. Looking at our energy in a few different ways can be an eye-opening exercise showing where we can make some positive changes in our lives. High, low, positive, and negative energy is needed. But finding the right balance is crucial for happiness. This module focuses on enhancing your emotional control through mindfulness, self-regulation of our own emotions, full engagement, and work-life balance.

Fueling our bodies in the right way sets the stage for how much energy we have, so that we have enough to meet our life’s (many, right?!) demands. Noticing the level and type of energy you bring to work, and home is a step to giving your full attention and being your best self. Physical energy focuses on the traditional wellness pillars including movement, nutrition, rest, and recovery.

Recent research shows that only 9% of people are successful with their New Years Resolutions. What is the one thing that the 9% are doing to stick with their goals? Join us as we talk about the most important element to successful goal setting and planning, both for short-term and long-term goals. In this session, you will have the chance to focus on this element for yourself and set your top three goals.

Mental Well-being

Creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals and their families has never been more important. With the goal to improve health, safety and well-being of the entire LGBTQ+ community, members will learn the relevant terms and how to properly use them so they can be an advocate.

Burnout is a common term in today’s working world. Without changing your job or your family dynamic, there are things you can do immediately to reduce burnout. Learn how it occurs and how we can prevent it in the future.

Changes to your body and brain are normal as you age. But there are ways to train your brain to ensure it continues to grow over time, including to support your physical and emotional health. In this session, participants will learn to support their brain starting today!

When observing Olympic athletes prepare for a competition, you will notice that their warm up is nearly the exact same every time. But why? In this session, you will learn about the science behind creating new neuropathways in your brain and making them stick, the most successful way to sustainable behavior change. Participants will plan daily rituals in their own life, a foundation to success in attaining goals.

In today’s world, we are surrounded not only by toxic things but also by toxic relationships and habits. In this session, you will learn how to identify whether or not something is toxic, if it can be changed, and if not how to reframe your thinking to support the elimination of toxicity.

What exactly IS emotional health? How do we know the difference between regular everyday stressors, and stressors that need addressing? In this session, participants will learn the difference and how to address each as they navigate unpredictable waters of everyday life.

The value of proactive emotional health in our society is more important now than ever as we navigate the unpredictable waters of COVID-19. As individuals, understanding the importance of supporting emotional health encourages your ability to focus your attention, manage tasks and maintain healthy relationships. As employers, providing resources to your employees so they can do the same is essential. Join us as we discuss what we can do today to address and optimize our mental health in the workplace.

Happiness is often defined as a feeling or state, appearing to be a fleeting, momentary state of satisfaction. Wouldn’t it be nice if Happiness was a state of mere contentment, or even deep and intense joy? What plays a role in long-term happiness and life satisfaction?

On any given day, we can have anywhere between 6,000 and 60,000 thoughts a day. Even more impressive is that 98% of those same thoughts were had yesterday. In this session, participants will learn how to disrupt reoccurring unhealthy thinking patterns and train their brains to become healthier thinkers.

As the COVID-19 virus continues to disrupt our lives, we must recognize that the drastic changes in our daily routines can be detrimental to our mental health. This session will identify the common stressors of this pandemic and focus on how to build resiliency and avoid burnout.

Social-emotional learning isn’t just for kids. It is the process of developing self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills that are vital to success in all areas of life. Learn to use these skills to have strong coping skills, improved relationships, and a happier underlying state of being. And, set a great example for your students!

Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention. Mindfulness is putting that into play in our everyday lives. Recent studies show that both mindfulness and meditation contribute to increased emotional intelligence, confidence, and happiness.

We often associate the fourth quarter and holiday season as a hectic and often stressful time. We see individuals abandon their routines and adopt a mentality of “I’ll get back on track next year!”. This presentation is designed to help participants end the year with the same energy and intentions as they began. We’ll share tips on navigating a busy season and explore the connection between values, boundaries, stress and the effects on our mental health.

Finding that sweet spot in our minds between anxious and bored can feel tough sometimes. But looking at when we feel a little too far in either direction can help us take actionable steps to spend more time where we’re feeling our best. This session focuses on enhancing your emotional control and ability to focus, ultimately improving your mental strength in any situation.

In a world of increasing demands but never any more time in the day, giving every action your full presence is key to success and preventing burnout. In this session, we will discuss how to be present, as it is a learned behavior.

Mindfulness… what exactly is it, and why all the buzz? Mindfulness is simply brain training, to help you focus on the here and now. In this session, learn why it matters, how to get better at mindfulness, and what it will look like in your day-to-day life moving forward.

There is no team (at work or at home) without trust. Studies reveal that the highest performing teams have one thing in common: Psychological safety, a basic human need. What exactly is this, how do we obtain it, and what can you do as an individual contributor? This matters now more than ever as work and home look different than they ever have before.

Mindfulness Events

There are many ways to practice mindfulness, and creativity is one of those. During creative thought, the neurotransmitter norepinephrine is greatly reduced. Norepinephrine is associated with long-term memory retrieval, so its reduction during creative thinking helps the brain to forget what it already knows. In this way, novel connections and new ideas are more likely to be discovered. For this same reason, when practicing creativity, we are more likely to calm our thoughts and focus on the current moment. Participants should bring their tool of choice (markers, crayons, colored pencils) but we will provide the Mandala.

The human brain can handle 7-9 external senses before feeling overwhelmed. So, the ability to focus even in distraction is essential to maintain emotional health. Live meditation is the practice of focusing our brains in a variety of ways. Using focused and open meditation, our instructor will provide a live session that teaches participants the benefits of mindfulness through practice. No meditation experience required.

Healthy Cooking Events

Join our mother/daughter chef duo as they enthusiastically walk you through a simple meal. Our young chef will help the kids learn what flavors and spices can be added and why we love them, as well as simple ways to prepare food like slicing and chopping. If you would like to eat a delicious healthy meal that you kids cannot deny, and get your kids involved with cooking, you do not want to miss this dynamic duo!


• Party dips & mocktails
• Cook once, eat twice
• Seasonal Dinners
• Mason Jar Meals
• Cooking with Kiddos
• Grab-n-go snacks
• Sheet pan dinners
• Breakfast for dinner
• Soup & Salad (seasonal)
• Lunch for the Week
• Picnic Favorites
• Farmers Market Finds
• Mood-Boosting Meals
• Eating for Longevity
• Simply Festive (prep for the upcoming holiday)

Join our home chef to learn how to prepare a simple, healthy meal. Chopping, slicing, mixing, we will get creative with healthy ingredients, maybe some that you may not have thought to use in the past. In just 45 minutes you will prepare a meal, side dish and dessert. Be prepared to cook along or take notes and cook later.


• Party dips & mocktails
• Cook once, eat twice
• Seasonal Dinners
• Mason Jar Meals
• Cooking with Kiddos
• Grab-n-go snacks
• Sheet pan dinners
• Breakfast for dinner
• Soup & Salad (seasonal)
• Lunch for the Week
• Picnic Favorites
• Farmers Market Finds
• Mood-Boosting Meals
• Eating for Longevity
• Simply Festive (prep for the upcoming holiday)

Other Events

Ideas, tips and how-to create a personal vision board either electronically or on paper.

Topically, diffused or mixed with solutions, essential oils can have health benefits and help your mind reset. In this session, learn which are safe and how to use them in your daily life for maximum benefit.

Healthy Eating

All components of a total well-being program either support the AMOUNT of energy in our body or the QUALITY of energy we have. What we eat contributes to the amount of energy we have in our bodies every hour of every day. In this session, participants will learn how to eat for improved energy every single day.

Our brains rely on nutrients from food to function at its best. In this session, participants will learn about the connection between the gut and brain, and how our brain responds when we eat whole foods versus processed foods. Because the brain is in control of our mental health, understanding the impact of food on our emotions is essential to controlling our own emotions.

Hydration is essential to performance, whether that means playing on a field or showing up for an important meeting. In this session, participants will learn how to calculate proper nutrition in themselves, how it will improve their health and what they can do to make hydrating just a tad bit easier.

With contradicting information on the world wide web, it can be confusing to know what to eat. In this session, we will take it back to the very basics of nutrition to learn about macronutrients, micronutrients, and the way to ensure you are getting enough of each. Participants will leave with a basic weekday meal plan.

It’s true! There are quite a few benefits to focusing on plant-based eating. But, there is a tried and true way to begin in order to ensure you are not missing the nutrients and high protein your body was once used to. If you’re not ready to commit to completely eating plant based, no problem. We will cover ways to incorporate more plants on top of the other foods you’re eating today.

Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food consumed out of season. This session will review the basics of nutrition, with a focus on how and where to buy local fresh produce, dairy, meats and grains no matter where you live.

Preventative Care

Does the high deductible health plan still feel overwhelming to you? Learning the benefits to this plan and become a great consumer can mean obtaining proper care from the appropriate resources and maintaining health year over year.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women, including people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. In this presentation, we’ll cover health conditions and behaviors that increase the risk of heart disease and provide tools to make a plan that supports sustainable behavior change.

Results from your annual physical, or a biometric screening, are important to identify and monitor various health conditions. Getting these tests done regularly and monitoring these numbers are a great way to proactively take control of your health! Learn about preventive care, understanding your numbers, and steps you can take to help improve your lifestyle risk factors.

Did you know most men only seek medical attention when they are very sick, or a loved one expresses concern for them to see a doctor? Take an active role in your health by learning about common preventable conditions, early detection screenings, and how to start making healthy lifestyle choices.

Take an active role in your health by learning about common preventable conditions, early detection screenings, and how to start making healthy lifestyle choices.

The tobacco landscape is changing. Despite a decline in cigarette smoking, e-cigarette use continues to rise, having a devastating impact on users.

Sleep & Recovery Well-being

Over half of the US population is not getting enough sleep. But why? Not only is the length of sleep needed for recovery, growth and healthy cognition important, but so is uninterrupted sleep. In this session, we will help you understand how to improve your sleep environment, create a healthier sleep routine and ultimately how to get more energy out of every waking hour.

Stress and sleep have a complicated relationship. They both influence one another in many ways that impact our well-being. In this session, participants will learn about the bodily processes involved when we sleep, and the many ways stress can impact it. We’ll share tips for improving sleep hygiene and other effective strategies for reducing stress around bedtime.

Do you think of recovery as a 1-week vacation dropped into an insanely wild year, or two days out of a 7-day week? Do you look forward to your head hitting the pillow as your method of recovery? In this session, we will look at how to recover properly to prevent burnout and stay ahead of your tasks without feeling drained.

Sleep is essential at any age. It restores and rejuvenates the human brain and body with benefits that stretch into all areas of our well-being. This session will cover the science behind sleep, the many benefits to your body, recommendations for how much sleep you need and how to improve your sleep today.

Workplace Wellness

Leaders who use moments of adversity to find new and creative ways to achieve goals are more successful, more often. During continual times of uncertainty like the current health epidemic, it is important to not only recognize that stress is THE health epidemic of the 21st century, but also that taking steps towards improving emotional health is essential to everyone. In this session, we hear how innovative leaders are finding new and creative ways during this time to dramatically improve their work-life balance.

Physiological responses happen when we perceive that we’re under stress or danger, whether it’s real or imagined. The fight or flight response is your body’s way of protecting you by producing stress hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline so that you can be ready to either fight or run. In this session, learn how to pay attention to your body’s physical reaction in order to maintain control of our outward reaction.

Do you connect with the work that you do on a daily basis? Whether you answer no or yes, everyone CAN connect with their work to make it more meaningful. In this session, we will discuss what it means to connect with your work and how to create happier time spent on the job.

Effective communication is fundamental in every aspect of life, but especially in the workplace. This session will cover not only what effective communication is, but why it’s important too. Participants will be encouraged to engage and interact throughout the session, leaving with several new communication tools to try.

Did you know that by enhancing your workspace ergonomically, you can significantly reduce physical and mental stress and fatigue? Join us for an overview of basic ergonomics, complete with our Essential Workstation Checklist designed to walk you through setting up your workspace in the home, or typical office environment. This session also includes advice for common discomforts and we’ll end with interactive exercises known as an Ergo-Break!

You may have already felt yourself wrestling with screen time goals, but with being at home all day everyday (and maybe your kids too), it can feel like we are rolling right out of bed and over to the screen. This course helps us realign with technology, so it supports our shared well-being and ability to tackle complex global challenges. Participants will develop a plan for healthy use of technology, so it boosts our well-being and productivity, rather than tearing apart our shared social fabric. We will also identify free educational technology resources for kids.

Do you feel like every day sucks the energy right out of you? Join human performance experts as they share the components to improved energy, how to get more out of your time spent on the job, and create happier time spent away from work.

In a world that has increasing demands and never more time, it is essential to learn the TOOLS that can help you improve time management and the secret to getting more out of your time. In this session, participants will determine the tools that best fit their life and how to implement them immediately.

A Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a personalized wellness and recovery approach that helps people create healthy behaviors, feel more empowered, improve quality of life and achieve their own goals and dreams. Create your own WRAP as COVID-19 unravels, ensuring that you and your family prioritize your well-being.

The secret to work-life balance is becoming an expert in not only time management, but the management of your energy. In this session we learn foundational tools to incorporate now! Whether you need to create work-life balance, or just revamp your existing healthy habits, this course has something for everyone.

Physical Activity Events

Fully certified and highly trained technicians will walk participants through the basics of preparing your bike for riding season, and how to prepare for mishaps on the road. Cleaning the chain, caring for the wet chain lubes, cleaning the cassettes and adjusting cable tensions – participants will leave with the steps to follow to get ready to ride!

Time to get your blood pumping! Heart health is an important part of healthy living, and we are bringing support to you and your heart with this high-energy fitness class. Plyometric exercises combined with conditioning will get you burning calories, building stamina and endurance.

Join our certified yoga instructor as she performs the gentle practice focusing on posture and simple body movements while seated. Knowing how much time is spent sitting these days, learning how to include these movements throughout the day will help support and strengthen your physical structure even when you cannot step away from your desk.

This high intensity interval training class will tap into your anaerobic zone to burn fat faster and elevate your heart rate.

Focusing on physical posture, strengthening and toning muscles, and providing cardiovascular conditioning, this yoga class is designed to support your physical structure while focusing on deep breathing to reduce stress. Participants will create a sense of mind/body awareness that can influence their mood and self-esteem.

This mind-body exercise will focus on traditional strength training exercises while activating your core and entire body. Using the Pilates principals of centering, control, flow, breath, precision and concentration, this workout will emphasize quality over quantity of the exercise.

Increase your flexibility, range of motion, stabilization, and posture with static and dynamic stretching. Mobility teaches (or re-teaches) the body to move the way it was meant to. This class is ideal for all bodies to compliment a workout routine & to help release the body from lack of movement (i.e. sitting at a desk all day).

In this class participants will sculpt long, lean muscles. Focusing on specific muscle groups, each part of your body will get the attention it needs to support posture and strengthen your core and all other muscle groups.

A fusion of body weight exercises and weights (only if you have them), this session is designed to build muscle and improve body awareness.

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Wellness Culture Audit

This audit is a 4-hour onsite visit with key stakeholders and department influencers in wellness, benefits, and employee culture. It will explore all aspects of a potential wellness program to be adopted or strengthened within the company, including identifying gaps that may be preventing a strong program.