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Human Performance & Resiliency Leadership Training

Focus: Physical and Emotional Health

 Location: Virtual and/or Onsite

  Cost: $11,500 in person workshops, or per active user
  pricing for eLearning courses

Schedule: 1 or 2-day day onsite course or self-paced eLearning course


This life-changing wellness immersion workshop and online program reinforces your employee's health and wellbeing during various stages of life. We focus on the company's most valuable asset (the employees!), helping organizations fuel higher performance as individuals design a future of purposeful, happy, healthy living. This program helps individuals connect their work with their purpose and values, creating more meaningful time spent on the job. With a focus on the mind and body, it comes to life in-person or through a virtual platform. Train the Trainer programming is available upon request.

This program will capture your audience and support participants in sustainable behavior change aligned to their unique purpose, covering:

Purpose & values

Emotional health:

Work/life integration

Self-regulation of emotions


Stress management

Resiliency & healthy thinking

Physical health:






This program can be re-branded to fit your organization’s wellness brand.

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