The Wellness Culture Audit is a 4-hour on-site visit with key stakeholders and department influencers in wellness, benefits and employee culture. The audit will explore all aspects of a potential wellness program to be adopted or strengthened within the company, including identifying gaps that may be preventing a strong program. Including a number of factors, we focus on overall population health, specifically:

  • physical activity
  • nutrition
  • meditation and mindfulness
  • stress management
  • on-site or near site wellness clinic access
  • wellness education and support
  • wellness incentive integration
  • biometric screening completion and integration
  • disease prevention programs
  • health risk questionnaire completion and integration
  • previous year medical claims review and analytics
  • tobacco use support programs
  • substance abuse prevention and support programs
  • wellness integration in the culture
  • technology support

The audit includes a Workplace Wellness questionnaire to engage employees in the discussion process and build a wellness committee. Working hand-in-hand with the appropriate contact, WellnessIQ will deliver a comprehensive current state audit, and 12-month operating plan that encourages total wellness support of the organization, and broad 3-5 year roadmap. The plan will suggest the organization’s future culture of wellbeing, identifying suggested
programs for implementation and employee engagement.