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Workplace Wellness Questionnaire


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The Workplace Wellness Questionnaire is a virtual survey sent to all employees to obtain feedback on the current state and future of your organization’s wellness program. The questionnaire helps build a foundation for creating a wellness operating plan, and build a wellness committee. Consider this the planning phase that comes before intervention. Including a number of factors, we focus on overall population health, specifically:

  • physical activity
  • nutrition
  • meditation and mindfulness
  • stress management
  • on-site or near site wellness clinic access
  • wellness education and support
  • wellness incentive integration
  • biometric screening completion and integration
  • disease prevention programs
  • health risk questionnaire completion and integration
  • previous year medical claims review and analytics
  • tobacco use support programs
  • substance abuse prevention and support programs
  • wellness integration in the culture
  • technology support

Working hand-in-hand with the appropriate contact, WellnessIQ will deliver a current state audit, and common theme reporting from employees.