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Lunch and Learns

Focus: Employee Support and Population Health

Location: Webinars – Virtual ; Seminars – Live

Cost: Webinars - $450 or discounted when purchasing a series; Seminars - $450 plus travel and a daily fee (based on location), or discounted when purchasing a series

Schedule: 45 minutes of content delivery and Q&A  


This wellness facilitation course provides scientific background, storytelling and research around the chosen topic.

Employee participation will be highly encouraged through activities and open dialogue. Choose from a list of these topics, or customize your own session by request:

Emotional Wellbeing

Cognitive Health



Sleep + Circadian Health

Energy Management

Tobacco Cessation

Work/Life Balance

Being a Good Consumer of your High Deductible Health Plan

Preventing Cancer, Diabetes + Heart Disease

All Lunch and Learns/Webinars are hosted on Wellness IQ’s Zoom platform. Pricing includes a link to the recording.

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