WellnessIQ Weekly

Live Webinars

With a shortened attention span year after year, this service offers bits of physical and emotional education that encourages behavior change on a regular basis. Participants can join through video or audio learning giving them a focus on wellbeing for the week.


The WellnessIQ Weekly will cover one pertinent workplace wellness strategy topic each month, during a weekly 15-minute live webinar. When purchasing a subscription, the employer can share and invite all employees.

Why this Program?

It’s scalable. All employees can watch from anywhere at their convenience. Playback is also available.

Information retention. Our short sessions meet employees at their average 8-minute attention span! Q&A included.

It’s cost effective. Just $200/month or $1,800/year regardless of the number of employees that join.

Inquire for details on upcoming WellnessIQ Weekly topics. White-list available to brokers and consultants.

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