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How Pain has Shaped My Life

Introduction My name’s Dylan Pipkin, I was born in San Francisco & grew up across the Golden Gate Bridge in the early 90s. As a kid, I played every sport I could. From baseball to soccer, basketball to golf, skateboarding to tennis, and everything in between. Birthdays & weekends were spent under the redwoods with…

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Wellbeing as a Working Mom

Written by: Jackie McNamara, Director of Wellness Strategies My entire life I knew I wanted to be a mom. I was the little girl who had all the cabbage patch kids and baby dolls, who sat at the dinner table with us. In grade school I was a mommy’s helper to my younger cousins, in…

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Professional Wellness

Written by: Nicole Joliat, Implementation Project Manager What goes through your mind when you hear the term “professional wellness”? Do you envision a health coach? An athlete? A fitness trainer? The fact is when we are gainfully employed, sometimes our own wellness takes a back seat to work priorities. While employees can be dedicated and…

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