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Professional Wellness

Written by: Nicole Joliat, Implementation Project Manager

What goes through your mind when you hear the term “professional wellness”? Do you envision a health coach? An athlete? A fitness trainer? The fact is when we are gainfully employed, sometimes our own wellness takes a back seat to work priorities.

While employees can be dedicated and passionate, sometimes it trickles over too far and disrupts their personal, social, or even their mental health. So, what if employers took a slightly different approach to the way they manage the company’s most valuable asset – their employees?

Sometimes people need a push in the right direction. Some people have lived their entire life as a workaholic and know no other way to live. Perhaps your parent’s set this example when you were growing up and it became an inherent expectation. It all boils down to what everything in life really does…moderation.

One of the many ways WellnessIQ supports employee well-being is by hosting ‘Summer Fridays’ from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Every Friday in the summer, so long as all client work is complete and on time; WellnessIQ allows and even encourages employees to leave at 2:00pm so they may have a kick start to their weekend.

How can you encourage your employees to take care of themselves and enjoy life?

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